Corporations are Catching On

Image of Guy Walks Across America
Do you see the brand yet? Wait for it!

Kudos yesterday went out to Old Spice and today I’m giving the nunchucks to Levis.  Have you seen “their” new YouTube video “Guy Walks Across America?”  I think it’s been up almost 3 days and has almost 1.5 million hits.  Guy Walks Across America, was created with 2770 still frames and produced in only 14 days. That’s one fast walker!  Also, major shift here, there is no mention of an advertiser in the video, unless you look carefully!  I can’t claim to have noticed the Levis brand, since of the placement of the logo is not somewhere I look, but one of my female coworkers sure did!  “Brilliant!” I shouted.  This is good stuff.

Lastly, check out the google map of his “journey”.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think I’m full of it, or do you think YouTube is a great place to market your brand if you are able to do it in a creative, entertaining way?

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