Why I should remove my shirt online

So, I hit the gym today.  I hit it hard.  Like real hard.  And, I put on some old spice deodorant and body wash.  Why?  Because it covers up my usual smell of man?  Not quite, but probably a good idea.  According to an article in Brandweek, as a result of their OLD SPICE guy YouTube video campaign, sales have increased 100% since the launch of their YouTube video campaign.

Old Spice guy in shower
He works out

I’m going to take this a step further and assume that a chiseled chest increases your sales.

In all seriousness, I didn’t really hit the gym.  I slept in and texted my workout buddy and told him I slept through my alarm.  But, this does show how having good YouTube content can help you get your business name out to our friends on the WWW.  Who creates this type of content that people want to interact with?  Our creative team.   Let us know if you have an idea for YouTube or are interested in some of our social media video strategies.  They don’t require a chiseled chest.

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