WordPress Development with Genesis – Some thoughts

At Ah SO, we constantly strive to provide our partners with gargantuan value.  Part of said value entails the technologies and programmatic practices we employ to deliver a solid UX / CX ( that’s fancy McWebSpeak for User eXperience / Client eXperience ).  We’ve chosen our technological path quite carefully, and it is paying off.  The burden of proof also lies with us, to justify to our partners in terms they can accept why we do what we do and why it’s good for them.

We use WordPress, hands down the best, economic Content Management Systems, okay maybe that link is a bit steep.  Everyone knows it as a blogging platform, but it’s so much more than that.  The statistics are in.  Matt Mullenweg released the latest in his ‘State of the Word’ address.  If you scroll below the fold you can see them listed.  We feel the rising, widespread use of WordPress is a tribute to it’s ease of use, adaptability, and community.  It’s a Development Platform we stand behind.

We use the Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress.  This theme framework extends the functionality of wordpress further, and adds a whole new level of SEO optimization to the mix.  Genesis serves as a highly customizable bridge between WordPress and your custom theme.

This is useful for a number reasons, the first and foremost being compatibility.  WordPress is Open Source, and ever changing.  A lot of Custom Themes for a raw WordPress install gradually lose their flavor over time, and break as the underlying structure of WordPress is in a constant state of refinement.  Having Genesis as the Go-Between ensures that your custom theme will keep looking good and functioning as it should while WordPress churns along underneath.  The other awesome thing about Genesis is how fast and simply you can adapt it to a number of solutions.  These increases in speed and development translate into more of that gargantuan value for the client and end user.

We create custom, tailor-made Child Themes for the Genesis Framework.  We adhere to the WordPress Coding Standards, and build our themes with semantic markup in accordance with web standards ‘best-practices’.  But we take the realist’s approach.  The web is about what works.  And occasionally what works won’t validate.  Web Standards are a must, no doubt, but here we emphasize the spirit of the law above it’s letter, while balancing it with the needs of Partners and their Users.

We like what HTML5 has to offer.  In this awesome info-graphic on the Evolution of Web Technologies, it’s clear where the future lies.  With the onset of the new standards a much more responsive and diverse web experience begins to imerge.  A web where media is delivered to a wide range of devices through a single web application.  More web assets are moving to cloud-based solutions.  In short, the future is coming, and we’re ready for it.

So what do we do for you?  You could think of it like this.  WordPress Web Development is like a big, chocolate cake.  The Genesis Framework is like a sinful layer of some uber-chocolatey goodness, and the custom themes we produce are like whatever craziness you want for toppings.  So that’s what we provide to our partners, big, delicious, chocolately internet cakes.  Go ahead, take a bite.  You’ll like what you taste, we promise.

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