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Reaching the Next Million

When the folks at Blood:Water came to us in need of help for their “Next Million” campaign, we were excited to help. Blood:Water seeks to join local leaders in the fight to end both the HIV/AIDS and water crises throughout Africa. Over the last 10 years they have helped provide clean drinking water to over 1,000,000 people. As they looked forward to serving the Next Million, they wanted a site that would integrate well with their fundraising efforts and highlight the stories they had heard along the way.

The Counter

First on this site was a customized “counter” to help Blood:Water track their progress towards the Next Million.

Easy Integration

The donation buttons throughout the site integrate with Blood:Water’s fundraising software, saving them time so they can focus on their passion!

Time to tell a story

Blood:Water wanted to feature the stories of everyday life for those they seek to help. This was the result.

A Dirty Dare

A unique social integration pulls all videos tagged as a “Dirty Water Dare” into the page.

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