John’s 3 Things: January

Welcome to 2016! There are three things I think you should know going into January 2016.

1. WordPress now owns 25% of the web.

What does that mean for the average person? Not a lot, but it does mean that since WordPress’s footprint has grown, so has the competition amongst WordPress agencies, designers, and developers. Don’t believe me? Do a quick search for WordPress “your city” and then do a search for .Net and Ruby. See what I mean.

2. Learning JavaScript is more important than ever.

In the State of the Word, Matt Mullenweg showcased Calypso, the new and (with Jetpack) app which was built in Javascript. Looking to learn or freshen up on your JavaScript skills? Check out this post by Remkus de Vries on Learning JavaScript in WordPress, deeply.

3. Listen to Podcasts!

I listen to a lot of them, but my new favorite is EOFire which is John Lee Duman’s collection of his one on one interviews with enterpreneurs who are doing great things. Of course, I listened to the software developer interview with John Sonmez this morning to start my day.

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