Fighting slavery with the web

Building awareness through email list growth, custom content and free stickers!

Challenge: Raise awareness without fear

When EndCrowd approached us with an opportunity to help them build a site dedicated to ending modern slavery around the globe, we knew we had to be a part of the project. End Crowd wanted a site with all the regular functionality that could also handle constant news updates, email signup and automation, fundraising integration, custom social sharing, a store, and a few other bells and whistles.

The Pieces

News Page Like No Other

The folks at EndCrowd wanted to create a hub to collect news related human slavery, both local and global. With the help of trap.it, a news aggregator, we set out to create a page that would become THE place to learn about the current state of human slavery across the globe.

It took some time, but when we were finished, we had created a page that conveys the importance of the news being delivered. The page offers a scrolling ticker featuring the latest breaking news, featured category channels for organization, a social aggregator to pull in the latest conversations on social media, and opportunities to sign up for news updates throughout.

Fundraising with Ease

EndCrowd is a non-profit operating according to the 100% model. That means 100% of any amount given to EndCrowd will go directly to organizations working to fight human slavery around the globe. Their operating costs? Already covered. The staff at EndCrowd are dedicated to raising awareness and helping organizations that are already doing great work.

With the help of Kindful, we were able to put together a fundraising solution in the form of a crowdfunding app allowing site visitors to donate to an existing cause or start their own fundraising campaign within a few clicks. Supporters can raise money through a birthday campaign, host an event, or use their creativity to create their own fundraising campaign. The solution we built with Kindful provides an easy way to give while at the same time allowing endless possibility in how supporters are able to give.

Stickers All Around

Some supporters are ready or simply aren’t able to give. EndCrowd sought to give those who wanted to show support without giving money the ability to do so with relative ease. We developed the ability for users to receive an EndCrowd sticker through their site by simply providing their email. Once a user signs up to receive a sticker, they automatically begin to receive regular updates on the fight to end human slavery. The sticker campaign raises awareness by providing a tangible show of support while also providing education as supporters receive regular emails filled with the latest information and status updates with regards to ending human slavery.

Custom Email Feeds

This site was built with email campaigns in mind. Visitors can sign up for customized email updates delivered to their inbox according to what they want and when they want it. Users can choose to receive any number of news channels along with the frequency with which that news is delivered. To pull this off, we partnered with the stellar team over at Emma to build a custom solution that makes is easy on both the end users and EndCrowd.

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