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Goo Goo Cluster

Mission: Get you more Goo Goos!

Our primary focus with Goo Goo Cluster was to create a website that made it easy for them to sell their delicious chocolatey treats online, and a website that integrated well with some of the other applications they were using. Basically, we wanted to make it easier for people to get their hands on a Goo Goo Cluster!

How do you find a Goo Goo?

We started with a responsive design, added a store locator so that customers can easily find one of the thousands of locations across the country where Goo Goo Clusters are sold. The beauty of the store locator we installed is the easy sync with their Goo Goo Finder App eliminating duplicate work and preventing errors.

A 50% increase in sales!

The next step in developing the site was adding easy e-commerce functionality. We set up an easy to use Goo Goo Cluster shop allowing Goo Goo enthusiasts from far and wide the ability to purchase candy, collectables and apparel online and have it shipped across the country. The online shop integrates with Goo Goo’s UPS shipping and Emma e-mail accounts making order management and shipping a snap!

Finishing touches

To finish the Goo Goo project, added a few custom elements to increase Goo Goo’s efficiency and brand awareness. First, we added a few custom contact forms across the site to increase their efficiency and allow them more detailed site analytics. Second, we added Instagram integration to the site so that all can marvel and look with envy at others enjoying a Goo Goo Cluster treat. Finally, we added a custom blog so that Goo Goo can share their story (and delicious recipes like this one) with everyone!

Thank you St8mnt

As with many of our projects, we worked with the good folks over at St8mnt on this one. They provided some beautiful designs and branding that do a great job in preserving the long lasting Goo Goo Cluster tradition while giving it a modern look and feel.

Let’s build something together