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SongTown is an online community of songwriters offering courses, mentoring sessions, forums and workshops to help songwriters develop their craft.  The Ah So team rebranded SongTown, refined their membership site, and streamlined their email campaigns through automation and personalization.

In need of an upgrade

SongTown asked AhSo to help them with the redesign and reorganization of their membership site. By redesigning the site, focusing on building an email list, encouraging community participation and reworking the membership levels, SongTown now has a platform that makes it easy to take care of their current members while also allowing for exponential growth of their subscribers.

The Old
The New

1. Membership Side

We wanted the members only portal to be easy to navigate while looking great. Throught the creative process we came up with a dashboard that users can log into and access all of their content and the user forums with the ability to navigate to purchaseable content from the same location. Notable upgrades to the member site include:

  • Design – We went with Material Design standards to keep things nice and clean.
  • Lesson Library – Users can access every video in the SongTown Library and now have the ability to save, favorite, and mark videos as watched.
  • Mentor Sessions – We added the ability for users to book mentoring sessions with professional songwriters from within their dashboard.
  • Forums – We redesigned the forums and added the ability for users to upload songs and videos to their profile for others to watch and listen.

2. Incentives

SongTown has an active community of members who are constantly conversing on their forums, watching videos and taking classes. We wanted to reward users who were active members of the community, those who were having success, and those who were increasing their skills by taking courses and participating in workshops.

We developed a badge system that rewards users automatically based on their on-site activity and allows the SongTown admins to add badges to users that participate in in-person workshops and classes!

3. Front End

The front-end needed a makeover. We went with a similar design & feel as members site in order to maintain cohesion. The front end is informative and geared towards funneling visitors to one of 3 goals: reading about songwriting in the Pro Blog, signing up for membership, or purchasing a course.

4. Emails

Email is by far the best way to communicate with your fans. It’s an even better sales tool. We worked with SongTown to develop a bunch of awesome email campaigns aimed at connecting with aspiring songwriters. We used Emma’s automated email feature and Events API to develop over 20 automated campaigns based on user interaction on the site including:

  • 10 Day Crash Course – A free 10 lesson video course on successful songwriting.
  • Welcome Series – New members get a multi-part email series introducing them to the SongTown site and helping them navigate their first week as part of the SongTown community.
  • Course Instructions – When users sign-up for a new course, they automatically get instructions for the course delivered to their inbox.
  • Cancelation Email – No one wants to lose subscribers, but every membership site will at some point. The guys at SongTown put together an awesome email that goes out to all who cancel their subscription that encourages users to keep writing away while asking for a little feedback to make their product better.

Let’s build something together