Web Architecture

Building a website is like building a house

WordPress Web Architecture,
The Ah So Designs Way:

Dream Phase

Before any house can be built, you have to have an idea of what you’re looking for.  What’s your budget?  Where would you build it?  How many bedrooms.  Often called the discovery phase, this is where we help you answer these important questions.


Can you imagine building a house with no blueprints?  Great sites start with a detailed plan, so we know what we’re building.  We call these wireframes. We like to make them.  You will like to look at them.  Put on your happy face!

Heavy Construction

The first step in the building phase on a home is laying a solid foundation.  We build web sites the same way.  We get the heavy lifting done first!

Finish Work

After we’ve built a solid foundation, the customization begins.  Ah, the beauty of granite countertops, recessed lighting, crown molding, and a movie theater; we’ll do that!

Move-in Day

The house is done, now it’s time for you to see how you like it.  The good thing about websites is they are a little easier to clean than the house.


How do we get started with WordPress Web Architecture?

Although web architecture seems like something everyone should do, it is often left out of the web development process.  The work is tedious.  We ask you questions that are tough to answer.  We show you holes in both your company and your plans.  But, in the end its a “tough good” which in our opinion, is the best kind of good.  It’s so simple, that we will have you saying “Ah So” in no time.  Contact us and we will get you in touch with our team.

Let’s build something together