How to sign up for WP Engine

WPEngine is a great company who only hosts WordPress sites.  They do great things like backing up your site, give you a development site in case you make mistakes, and if you are hacked, they will fix it for free!  We love using them and use them to host our site.



How to sign up with WP Engine through AhSo to get 2 months free hosting if you pay for a year


Step 1:

Click here:

Or paste this URL into your browser

Step 2:

Click on “select hosting plan”

WP Engine hassle free WordPress hosting


Step 3:

Click on Personal Plan (29.00 a month)

Wp Engine Personal account

Step 4:

Fill in personal information

  • make sure to save your password


Step 5:

Fill in site information

  • For username: just use account name, or your name, something simple – doesn’t really matter
  • Put your domain name in
  • Hear about us: John Housholder
  • Company: your company name
  • Data Center : US


Step 6:

Receive emails with login information and start creating your new WordPress site!

We can also help you with your process, just contact us and we can help you start developing your WordPress site today!

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